Viruses in War 

“Create your own viruses out of genes like ‘move’, ‘eat’, ‘clone’ and fight friends and other players worldwide!”

Start playing this mixture of puzzle and simulation game today!


‘Viruses in War’ for Android und iOS

Play with friends

‘Viruses in War’ is easy to learn – yet almost infinitive gene combinations are possible!

  • Add a new virus.
  • Find a strong gene combination by using the preview function and training opponents.
  • Fight against friends and other people all over the world and challenge their viruses.
  • Take revenge when your virus was beaten. Improve your virus and fight back!
  • Advanced genes unlock after you defeated 6 opponents.

Feedback welcome

We would be happy to receive your rating in the appsore, your comment below this article or via the ‘feedback’ button from the menu in the app.

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